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Viva La Free is an arts ecosystem powered by & for BIPOC & LGBTQIA2S NB+ Artists. 

We deploy visual and performing arts, tech, & design to energize, activate & heal. 

Ourselves. Our youth. Our communities. 


We practice art as medicine. 

Our decolonized models value process over product. 

Viva La Free’s innovative arts movement reclaims the practices of healing personal, historic & collective trauma. We embrace our power to express our humanity.
Together we bring our visions to life.


Viva La Free’s art activism ecology liberates policy, practices, curriculum & culture by providing:


  • No Cost Access 4 Youth Arts & Tech Programs & Projects

  • Opportunities 4 Paid Artist Apprentices to experience professional arts practice, production,
    skill development & collaborative design w/creative professionals

  • Funding, Space & Resources 4 Resident Artists 

  • Sanctuary Retreats & Incubators 4 Artists to explore & develop creative expression
    to process, release & heal individually & collectively

  • Responsive Funding 4 Artists, Art Action & Spontaneous Projects 


Viva La Free’s evolutionary nature enables us to adapt & grow to support & nurture visionaries
in the movement 4 Black Lives, Liberation & Indigenous Sovereignty


Viva la Revolución!

Board of Directors Shamay Thomas, Leaha Lewis, Brenda Morgan, Nina Lewis
CEO, Creative Director Layna Lewis
Asst ED Kayla Banks

Viva La Free is a project of Kenton Action Plan 501(c)3

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